Project:Build a Shed

Description: We started a project of building a small play shed for children. We try to do this on our own from scratch, although we are beginners. There is no set deadline and it may take a while. If you are interested in joining/helping us at any phase, please let us know. There will be things even children can do. Also, if you can share your tools and/or donate materials, that will be great.

Current stage: Planning (proposed dimension: 8 x 6, 6 feet high; material: mostly wood)

Note about the risks: The participants must accept all the associated risks. Young participants must be accompanied by an adult unless a proper arrangement is made in advance.

Date/Time: Individually arranged

Place: A Ewing location, to be disclosed to the confirmed registrants

Facilitator: Nobo Komagata

Sign up: On the registration page or call the school (Registration is required for this project.)

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