Meditation Group

Note: Meditation Group meetings has been suspended as of May 30, 2013. For other local meditation opportunities, please see our resource page: html (for viewing) / pdf (for printing).

Description: This group consists of mutually-supporting students of meditation, who are willing to share their practice and pursue their wellness even without a "teacher." At the beginning of every meeting, we discuss our plans based on our own motivations and progress status. Regarding what type of meditation we practice, we are open.

Although this group is not for a person who seeks a teacher, it must be suitable for many those who are sufficiently motivated and can still benefit from working together. Of course, the group welcomes both beginners (who are willing to learn from other students) and the experienced (who are willing to share their experience).

Brief history: The Mercer Free School Meditation Group started in June 2010 and ran occasionally at first and then monthly. Between June 2011 and April 2012, the group was being subsumed under the Guided Learning & Self Discovery workshop (part of Spiritual Gathering, which is no longer running) and ran monthly. Then, on May 31, 2012, it re-started as a completely peer-led form until May 30, 2013. Currently, this group is not meeing.