Computer Skills Exchange

Date/Time/Place: Individually arranged

Description: You can learn the basics of computers at many places, even for free (e.g., the Mercer County Library System has many free courses, the Lawrence Community Center recently opened a new computer center). However, when you have a desire to do something with a computer and actually start the task, you may well realize that various miscellaneous skills other than taught at those classes are also needed. If you don't mind paying, you can certainly hire a tutor. But you could also do that for free, at the Mercer Free School. Depending on your need, we may be able to arrange a one-on-one workshop. This workshop could use a public computer at a library/LCC or take place at the participant's or facilitator's home.

Facilitators: There are multiple potential facilitators, coordinated by the school. If you are willing to help, please contact the school so that we can arrange a match.

Sign up: On the registration page or call the school

Disclaimer: Permission to use the community rooms/space does not imply library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or program.